Who Is He

The R.O.C.Since the late 80’s, the Detroit Underground scene has always had a heartbeat. In between the drum machines, note pads, microphones, pencils and emcees was Detroit Native, Producer/MC, The R.O.C. hard at work cooking up tracks, ideas and lyrics.

The R.O.C. (aka sol46 aka iamtheroc) help put together one of the biggest movements in Underground Hip Hop. With his first full length album, X-posed released in 1996, the act Insane Clown Posse gave him a spot on their tour (the first national tour for R.O.C.).

Since then, the R.O.C. wrecked states across America with the group House of Krazees (made up of R.O.C. and Twiztid). His next project, HalfBreed with Skrapz, released multiple projects including Kontamination.

R.O.C. decided to venture out into the solo realm in the following years doing production and releasing tracks on “I’m Here” in 2005 and “Welcome to the Darkside” in 2008 and a few other releases in between.

He performed in theaters such as House of Blues Chicago, House of Blues LA, Red Rocks Theater Denver and the Joint Hard Rock Las Vegas. The R.O.C. did appearances in videos “Story of Our Lives” and “Down with Us” with Twiztid, “Ill Connect” and “Blaze Up” with Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and “The Psyfer 4” with Psychopathic Records.

In addition to his solo projects, the R.O.C. took on projects with Blaze Ya Dead Homie as Zodiac Mprint. Now…. after searching his musical soul… The R.O.C. emerges from the shadows ready to bring you along on his journey into the Underground… be a part of his course through history if you dare!